These are some of the things that I am thankful for:

I have enough money to survive. Ultimately, my basic needs of food and shelter are taken care of. I am able to focus on emotional fulfilment, developing myself, being creative and meeting people.

In London, there are many opportunities to do things for free. There’s LoB meeting nearly every day. Groups. In 2 short years, I’ve met folk who I can have over sometimes and can share activities with.

I have a pole. A brass x-pole. It’s definitely my most treasured possession after my PC. I can train on it.

There is a library nearby with all sorts of interesting books to read.

I get on well with my landlord/flatmate and flatmate.

I have a healthy body and am able to walk, dance, sing and express myself through physical movement. My body isn’t just a container for my mind. I consider it to be part of me. It’s allowing me to type these words. It lets me play games.

Speaking of which, I have no allergies or physical problems. I can eat anything and enjoy it. Cycle for 50 miles and enjoy it. Feel the weather. The changeable, mutable, weather that gives each day some added variation. The physical world is a wonderful thing.

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