There’s a lot to be said for habit.

For routine.

It’s a powerful thing that can provoke a vicious spiral or a virtuous circle.

I go to work each day, getting up at 5.30am, and it slowly becomes easier. I learn to go to bed on time. Discipline is also like a muscle. As we use it more and more, I understand that it becomes ‘stronger’. By resisting the call of the bar of chocolate and not buying a pack of crisps, I might strengthen my ability to keep working and brush out other distractions.

It’s easy to let the mind wander. Focus. Focus. That’s the key.

There are a lot of ‘tricks’ – a healthy body can lead to a healthier mind. Doing some exercise in the morning. Clearing the desk is supposed to work well.

But maybe what the exercise does is give you that first step into beginning your momentum.

I’m certainly aware that my life has been in cycles of low and high productivity. Once I’m actually doing stuff, it’s not hard to keep going for a while.

I just need to work to first gather momentum.

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