My KS project funded. Feeling emotional.

I’m honestly flabbergasted. At least, I think I am. I think I’m happy. Excited. Overwhelmed?

Not overwhelmed, I don’t think.

I’m not so full of emotion that I’m unable to function. Just… a little emotionally full.

I’m going to upload a new P&P today, then set aside the game as much as possible for a few days. At some stage between now and Sunday, I’ll develop the 3 potential ideas for the ‘spare 26 cards’ since there are playtest meetings on Sunday & Monday. But I think I need at least a couple of solid days ‘break’ from In a Bind.

I’m actually excited to be thinking about other gaming ideas, without feeling guilty that I should be spending 100% of my time on a single thing. Multitasking is far healthier. Balance is required, specially when it comes to creativity.

I’m also excited to get stuck into doing all the artwork, learning about the technical side of things, sorting out logistics, getting feedback off folk relating to a product that they’re now ACTUALLY GOING TO DEFINITELY GET.

That’s pretty cool. I could almost cry.

Specially the way it happened, with all the outpouring of support over the last day, getting 1/3 of the funds in 1/59 of the campaign time. It seemed virtually impossible but it happened.

I’m amazed. Definitely amazed.


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